‘The Shadow Theory’ by Kamelot


  • Tommy Karevik / Vocals

  • Thomas Youngblood / Guitar

  • Oliver Palotai/ Keyboards

  • Sean Tibbitts / Bass

  • Johan Nunez / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • The Mission

  • Phantom Divine (Shadow Empire)

  • RavenLight

  • Amnesiac

  • Burns To Embrace

  • In Twilight Hours

  • Kevlar Skin

  • Static

  • Mindfall Remedy

  • Stories Unheard

  • Vespertine (My Crimson Bride)

Kamelot are legends, they’ve been producing strong albums since their formation in the 1990s, and now they return with their twelfth studio album The Shadow Theory.

Beginning with the haunting, mechanical drones of “The Mission,” the listener gets the sense that things are going to be intense and very much to the point.

This is confirmed by “Phantom Divine (Shadow Empire),” which comes blasting through, crafting an intricate tale of machinery, AI and the secret society operating it all. Lauren Hart adds a bit of grit with some growls, and the big choruses ensure that this will be a killer song live.

“Ravenlight,” is next, with a solid thumping guitar riff, and pounding drums, the song carries itself well, another song that would fit well live.

“Amnesiac,” is pounding, filled with jagged riffs, and synths creating the sound of being within an arena. Tommy Kaverik sings his heart out, the lyrics painting a story of loss, and pain, and the medicinal cures for such things.

“Burns To Embrace,” is heavy on the symphonic elements, allowing Oliver Palotai and Tommy Kaverik to shine, a dark brooding song, it mixes the elements and melody perfectly well.

“In Twilight Hours,” is another melodic ballad, Kaverik’s vocals are in full pelt here, and he truly shines.

“Kevlar Skin,” reintroduces the heavy element of Kamelot, with a screeching riff, a driving rhythm, and fierce connotations within the lyrics, this is a song that will go down well live.

“Static,” begins with strings playing out a mournful melody, the piano flitters in and out, and the listener is lulled into a sense of (un) ease when the guitar kicks in that’s when the true epicness is revealed. As always Kaverik shines through as well.

“Mindfall Remedy,” is a mixed bag, fast, melodic but also industrial at takes. Lauren Hart providing the industrial scale growls.

“Stories Unheard,” is a ballad, with heaviness, done in classic Kamelot style, a story that allows each member of the band to shine through at intervals.

“Vespertine (My Crimson Bride),” is fast, melodious, and a brilliant song to close off an album. Big crescendos, huge choruses and a leading verse, the music fits well with the vocals, and all in all this is a song that will go down well live.

The Shadow Theory is a brilliant album and shows that Kamelot still have a lot to give to the metal community. Get it now via Napalm Records.