‘The Awakening,’ by Kamelot


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


Kamelot return after a five year gap, and boy was the wait worth it.

Starting off with “Overture,” and leading into “The Great Divide,” a sense of anticipation is built up and the listener is treated to a magical musical storm of sensation and feeling. “The Great Divide,” is a phenomenal opener and a song that will get the crowds going.

“Evertide,” is subtle and flamboyant at the same time. A song that grows and swells with the passing of time. A flourish here and there and Tommy Karevik’s vocals are full of power.

“One More Flag In The Ground,” and “Opus Of The Night,” the two singles are phenomenal. Songs that are anthemic, chilling and boisterous all at once. The band sound ferocious and Karevik sounds in the finest form yet. A guest appearance from Tina Guo on “Opus,” ensures the listener is given an extra helping.

“Midsummer’s Eve,” slows things down, producing a powerful melodica interposition that will send chills down your spine.

“Bloodmoon,” gets eclectic and shimmers through the tempest. A song that combines melody and heaviness to get the jagged rhythms going. Intertwining together with something more within the hintersphere of time.

“Nightsky,” shimmers and tilts. A song that grooves through the passing of the tide and the time. A song that leverages Karevik and Youngblood’s clear dynamic. As the song’s melodies plays off of itself to produce something truly magical.

“The Looking Glass,” is ferocious. A song that sheers through and produces a tilt and a twist. An element of time and thunderous passages.

“New Babylon,” is epic. Truly epic. A song that grooves and thunders through. Tilting toward the elements. The band are on fire throughout the entire song. The guitar solo on this will melt your face.

“Willow,” slows things down a tad, bringing more circumspection and a thought of tilting toward a growing sense of tide and time.

“My Pantheon,” is haunting, eerie and something more altogether. A song that catapults itself to the fore of the foundation, growing and grooving with an intimate sense of power and passion. A fitting finale that lends itself well to “Ephemera,” an outro worthy of this grand album.

Be sure to get The Awakening when it it is released on March 17th via Napalm Records.