JORN live on death road COVER.jpg

Jorn is a heavy metal legend, and with this latest live release, he shows just why he is a power house.

“My Road,” is haunting and somewhat chaotic, but with that ethereal edge that Jorn has come to be known by over the decades. “Bring Heavy Rock Back To The Land,” is a growling master piece. It takes no shit and stomps all over the listener. Jorn’s voice is superb. “Life On Death Road,” is blistering, storming through with lightning speed and accuracy. Jorn’s vocals soar and roar with accurate grip. “Blacksong,” an ethereal song, with haunting vocal lines, and a superb audience interaction. “World Gone Mad,” snarls and bites with fierce pride and ability. “Stormcrow,” takes a turn, simply epic, with fascinating lines intersecting throughout. “Sunset Station,” gallops with a piercing thundering melody. “Ride Like The Wind,” takes an epic turn with the keys and guitars leaning in together.

“Out To Every Nation,” makes things interesting, with the crowd participating in and out with Jorn’s vocals taking a turn for the epic. “Shot In The Dark,” another classic that works within and without, producing something simply epic. “Walking On Water,” is thunderous and epic and heavy all within one composition. There are shifting tones and a multitude of layers within it. “Traveller,” takes a turn through the heaviness and keeps growing and growing without stopping. “Rock and Roll Angel,” rocks out and never stops. “Mob Rules,” classic. “Rainbow In The Dark,” another epic. “Lonely Are The Brave,” finishes things off nicely.

The album is out on 14th June via Frontiers Music.