‘Tigress: Women Who Rock The World’ by Jim Peterik & World Stage


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Tigress,” gallops through. A song that turns and twists through the foreground, really grabbing the listener by the throat.

“A Cappella,” slowly shifts and turns, a real neo-classical vibe to the whole proceeding.

“Against The Grain,” gets the rocking chip moving, pushing against existing norms to deliver something addictive.

“Full Moon Crazy,” shreds and grooves, really hitting things into the long grass and delivering the goods.

“Taller,” stops and starts, drifting through the turnaround.

“Dear Life,” gets the turn and shimmers into the wreckage with full steamahead.

“Music In The Aire,” rips and turns, bluesy thrills adding hints to the rocking billing.

“Stronger At The Broken Places,” gets the goat. A song that really turns and stops to look around the breeze.

The album is out on 5th November via Frontiers Music.