‘The Zealot Gene’ by Jethro Tull


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Mrs Tibbets,” sets an eerie beginning to the new Jethro Tull album, before Mr Anderson’s flute comes in and changes the tenor. The song progresses through the movements, hitting its stride and turning inside and out. A song that captures the magic of the past and the future.

“Mine Is The Mountain,” takes a turn for the groove. Anderson narrates a tale as old as time. His vocals dominate the landscape, reaching out for the turn of the spike. A song that shows Tull at their height.

“The Zealot Gene,” is the title track of the album and it moves with groove and grace. Majestically swaying between flute melodies and soaring vocals that capture the listener and enrapture them with tales of the Zealot Gene.

“Sad City Sisters,” is an instant classic. It moves with a sauntering melody, allowing guitars and vocals to interchange with great gusto. Taking their winding way through a passionate embrace.

“The Betrayal of Joshua Knyde,” is pure Anderson, filled with his calm swagger that hints at a deeper sense of passion and grievance. His vocals are simply sublime.

“Three Loves, Three,” takes the listener on a venture to the great beyond. Embracing the flute melodies that weave a tale of time and love that embodies the new spirit.

“The Fisherman of Ephesus,” is a fitting finale. Capturing everything that makes Jethro Tull perfect, it weaves itself within and without. Capturing the cascading melodies and the subtle venturings into mythos of time and space.

This fantastic album is out on January 28th via Inside Out. Be sure to get it!