‘Ironbourne’ by Ironbourne


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“The Dreamer,” is a bombastic and powerful opener. It weaves itself into the fabric of the listener’s mind and explores the capabilities of time and space within the continuum. Its melodies are solid, its riffs are powerful. A great opener.

“Varsel,” takes a turn at the wheel and produces something simply electric. The whirlwind of forces combine together to unleash a subtle variant of heaviness that combines serious melody with fantasy. The end result is beautiful.

“Too Late,” hits the ground running, pushing forward with some rather intriguing melodical choices, and slashing through the barriers. It hints at something melodical, and then turns around and produces something incredibly rocking.

“Hit The Wall,” takes another intriguing turn. Slowly starting it eventually picks up speed and ammo to turn into an absolute belter. The vocals on this song are simply phenomenal.

“Year of Judgement,” is the epic finale. A song that contains everything. Subtle variations, complex melodies, a darkened subtext. It is simply incredible and a song to be cherished by all.

The album is out on March 26th.