‘Skycrest’ by Iron Savior


  • Piet Sielck / Vocals and Guitar

  • Joachim Kustner / Guitar

  • Jan S Eckert / Bass

  • Patrick Klose / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • The Guardian

  • Skycrest

  • Our Time Has Come

  • Hellbreaker

  • Souleater

  • Welcome To The New World

  • There Can Only Be One

  • Silver Bullet

  • Raise The Flag

  • End Of The Rainbow

  • Ease Your Pain

  • Ode To The Brave

Iron Savior, the metal legends return to the grand stage on Skycrest.

“Skycrest,” is a rolling ball of energy delivering a seismic push into the unknown. The vocals are aggressive and powerful, the riffs are like battering rams, never stopping and neverending. A powerful opener. “Our Time Has Come,” gallops at the speed of light through the twisting mess of time to deliver a burnished strategy of time and space, that unhooks the world. “Hellbreaker,” reaches through the turning pike and pushes into the world of time and space. The melodies soar, the rhythm gallops and the world is set to rights once more. “Souleater,” hits hard and fast. A song that is built on the back of a solid bass riff through the turnpike.

“Raise The Flag,” gets anthemic. The riffs and the rhythm start and stop in a staccato fashion to get the energy going, pushing through the landscape through the world of time. “End Of The Rainbow,” roars into being, smashing through the doors of time and bringing together the world in a seismic discovery of space and continuity. “Erase Your Pain,” gets thoughtful, contemplative an releases the dirge of the world throughout. “Ode To The Brave,” finishes things off in grand style. A real scorcher of a song that moves through the winds to deliver something anthemic and powerful.

The album is out on 4th December via AFM Records.