‘Reforged: Ironbound Vol 2’ by Iron Savior


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Children Of The Wasteland,” hits the hammer hard, a song that dances through the tire and brings about the revolution.

“Protect The Law,” gallops through the surface, a song that hits all the right notes and delivers the goods.

“Starborn,” rummages through the cacophony of time to deliver something intriguing.

“Deadly Sleep,” moves with the tempest, a song that swirls through the growing cacophony of time.

“Forces Of Rage,” rummages toward the collection time, a song that brings everything forward.

“Brothers Of The Past,” gets grooving and moving. A song that shakes the foundations of time.

“The Battle,” gallops onward.

“Unchained,” gallops onward to the course of time, bringing together the elements of tide and time.

“Seek and Destroy,” thrashes around like a mad man.

“Solar Wings,” gallops through the turning of the centuries, a song that builds the furnishings forward.

“Predators,” hits the harmonics and pinches through the guttural take of time.

“Back Into The Light,” shimmers and shifts through the growing cacophony of sound.

The album is out on 26th August via AFM Records.