On the Hunt

“White Wolf,” comes in all guns blazing with a harmonized guitar intro which then leads into some frenetic energy coming off the band, ensuring the listener is hooked from the very first notes. “Driftin’ Through Time,” gallops along, delivering a charming smash and grab, and ensuring the listener is hooked once more. “Sign Of The Gods,” roars on through, bringing a pounding shifting tenor to proceedings and ensuring that the listener knows where to turn and where to grind. “Keep It Steel,” builds on the work and produces something quite fascinating, a shifting, moving peace of elemental argument. “Raze and Ruin,” comes down like a firebrand, delivering something quite impressive and eye capturing.

“Road Warriors,” moves with increased frequency and delivers something quite refreshing and unusual. “Invaders,” smashes down the doors, and produces a riff orgy. “Paragon,” snakes through the lines, and slowly captures the spirit of the times. “The Dream,” soars through on wings of the night, and allows the listener to engage completely.

The album is out on 4th October.