‘Emerald Eyes’ by Iron Angel


  • Dirk Schroder / Vocals

  • Robert Altenbach / Guitar

  • Nino Helfrich / Guitar

  • Didy Mackel / Bass

  • Maximilian Behr / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Sacred Slaughter

  • Descend

  • Sands Of Time

  • Demons

  • What We’re Living For

  • Emerald Eyes

  • Fiery Winds Of Death

  • Sacrificed

  • Bridges Are Burning

  • Heaven In Red

  • Dark Sorcery

“Sacred Slaughter,”is a battering ram to the face. Filled with energy and chaos the riffs simply jump out at the listener and get them pumped for the chaos to follow.

“Descend,” another battering ram to the face, pushing at the limits of acceptability with a careless disregard that captivates and charms.

“Sands Of Time,” is a slow burning candle that captures the imagination before unleashing complete chaos amongst the world, demanding attention.

“Demons,” a fierce barnstormer of a song that weaves in and out of the set piece, the riffs on this song are otherworldly.

“What We’re Living For,” a burning star that captures the listener’s imagination and never lets go.

“Emerald Eyes,” gallops through the turnstile, turning the world into a pitiful mess and exploring the concepts of time as it progresses.

“Fiery Winds Of Death,” rolls with the punches, turning and grating on the system.

“Sacrificed,” another catch or kill style song that really smashes the point home.

“Bridges Are Burning,” slowly works its way from the start, developing a sense of foreboding amongst the listener before showing off just what it’s got.

“Heaven In Red,” slowly slants toward destruction and chaos.

“Dark Sorcery,” finishes things off quite nicely.

The album is out on 2nd October via Mighty Music.