What inspired the name of the band? What are your influences and are they the same as when you started out?

  • Heathen refers to someone who does not share the beliefs of dogmatic religions like for example christianity. The name resonates with the freedom to choose what or what not to believe in and how you want to live your life. It is an individual choice which others should respect. We stand behind this view with all our hearts! Our influences within the band varies a lot, but from songwriting standpoint the influences are coming from punk and hardcore aswell as more traditional melodic metal and various sub genres.

How do you approach songwriting?

  • Myself or Lauri writes the first demo’s to the songs which we arrange at the rehearsal place. Our vocalist Antti writes and arranges most of the lyrics. No specific themes, but lyric wise not anything happy that’s for sure.


Why do you write what you do?

It’s an expression of anger, aggression and frustration which I personally find somewhat comforting. All of us enjoy all kinds of music, but metal is the common factor between all of us.

How do you decide what to play live?

Well we are a rather new band, formed last fall 2021, so we don’t have much material to decide what to play. But we release and play only the songs which we are excited about and believe in.

What plans do you have for the future?

We finished playing shows for this year and now concentrate on recording the next release which we are aiming to get out early next year. Booking shows in Finland for next year, and hopefully expanding the borders soon.