‘Induction’ by Induction


  • Nick Holleman / Vocals

  • Sean Brandenburg¬† / Drums

  • Martin Beck / Guitar

  • Tim Hansen / Guitar

  • Werner Erkelens/ Bass


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • A Message In Sand

  • By The Time

  • Pay The Price

  • The Outwitted Consecration

  • Hiraeth

  • Mirror Mirror Make Believe

  • At The Bottom

  • The Riddle

  • A Nightmares Dream

  • My Verdict

  • Sorrows Lullaby

“A Message In Sand,”kicks off the debut album by Induction. An orchestral arrangement that takes an interesting dip and turn.

“By The Time,” follows it up with a serious hammer smash. You can hear some the more modern metal influences within the song from the jagged riffs to the vocal melodies. A brilliant start.

“Pay The Price,” takes an interesting dip and turn. A song that veers from the beginnings towards the ends and then turns around and continues down the pathway to insanity.

“The Outwitted Consecration,” is an orchestral and metal masterpiece. A song that barrels within the confines of space and time and takes things to a whole new level.

“Hiraeth,” shifts through the line scream. Induction slowly show off their skills and abundant talent.

“Mirror Mirror Make Believe,” features not only Kai Hansen, but some of the most melodic work that Induction have done to date. A fantastic song.

“At The Bottom,” rocks out hard. A song that gives into orchestral bombasity.

“The Riddle,” ventures forth into the desert storm and shows off just where Induction are getting their cues from. A fantastic song.

“A Nightmares Dream,” is a thunderous opus, a song that dedicates itself to the passions of Induction and really shows off where their heads are at.

“My Verdict,” is an absolute ripper.

“Sorrow’s Lullaby,” turns the dial up several notches and ensures that the listener is firmly hooked.

The album is out now.