‘Alphaville’ by Imperial Triumphant


  • Zachary Ilya Ezrin / Vocals and Guitar

  • Kenny Grohowski / Drums

  • Steve Blanco / Bass


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Rotted Futures

  • Excelsior

  • City Swine

  • Atomic Age

  • Transmission To Mercury

  • Alphaville

  • The Greater Good

  • Experiment

  • Happy Home

“Rotted Futures,”kicks off the new album by Imperial Triumphant. A song that contains a variety of twists and turns, that brings about interesting contemplation and ensure full engagement.

“Excelsior,” benefits from a fat bass opening and a slithering serpent of instrumentation that slowly but surely revs the engines up manyfold.

“City Swine,” shimmers through the turnstile. Dipping its toe in now and then to produce something quite compelling and fascinating.

“Atomic Age,” is terrifying and compelling. A song that truly lets you know where the hooks are going to be.

“Transmission to Mercury,” hits its stride right on time.

“Alphaville,” the title track hits something different. A song that shimmers through the open light with discordant rhythms before slapping on through the manic impressions of time.

“The Greater Good,” slams down hard. A song that is built on terror and chaos.

“Experiment,” a cover of a Voivod classic hits in all the right places.

“Happy Home,” a cover of a classic by The Residents, slowly builds into life.

The album is out on 31st July via Century Media.