“Unite and Conquer,” by Immortal Guardian


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Ozona,” kicks things off with a trip through the mercurial landscape. A song that bounds through the tempest and delivers something more.

“Echoes,” scratches an itch and unravels the tempest of time. Melodical and barbaric at the same time.

“Perfect Person,” hits the formula and turns through the running dint of time. Galloping through the edges of time.

“Lost In Darkness,” swerves through the chaotic wind of time. A changing landscape that hits the patches through the thoroughfare.

“Unite and Conquer,” is simply epic. A song that tides through the growing pressure of majesty within the bolt of time.

“Rise Of The Phoenix,” is the perfect closer, a song that sings through the chartered territory of time and space.

The album is out on October 27th via M-Theory Audio.