‘Crimson Wreath,’ by Illusory


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Besetting Sins,” is a hammer blow. A song that really sways to the rhythm, it captures something within the listener’s mind and doesn’t let go.

“Crimson Wreath,” the title track saunters through the ground of time, hitting through the line and pressing on the pathways of insanity and despondency before unleashing chaos.

“All Shall Fade,” slows things down, just a little, allowing for some contemplation.

“All Blood Red,” hits a new note, pressing in from the side and out from the whirlwind. It works through the terrible cacophony of the wider world to fill it all through.

“S.T. Forsaken,” reaches a new level. Shimmering through a turnpike, it presses in and out. Whirring the wildcard through the manicured lanes of time.

“A Poem I Couldn’t Rhyme,” hits something new and precious. Hitting on a strand of time that works its way through to the destructive core of the world.

“The Isle of Shadows,” is epic. It presses its way through the turnstile of time, and ensures the listener is caught within the bounds of periphery. Working slowly through the darkness, it creates a mystical time contortion.

“Fortress of Sadness,” finishes things off in a magic style.  A song that truly captures the whirlpool of emotions within the darkness.