‘Another Side Of You,’ by Illumishade


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Enter The Void,” sets the tone quite nicely, a shifting strand of time, pressing on the forward row of majesty.

“Enemy,” rumbles to the beat of chaos. A song that turns through the lightning of time.

“Cloudreader,” shimmers through the beat. A song that delivers the goods, harmonising the edge of time.

“Cyclone,” turns the melody, breathing the selection and damning the collector.

“The Horizon Awaits,” tilts through the morrow. A song that breathes the cataclysm within the adjectives.

“Twilly,” turns and ducks, burrowing through the haunting periphery. A song that delves deep to the burrow.

“Hummingbird,” echoes through the night. A tilting majestic sorrow.

The album is out on 16th February via Napalm Records.