‘The Golden Age of Black Magick’ by Ignitor


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Secrets Of The Ram

  • Countess Apollyon

  • The Golden Age Of Black Magick

  • Hell Shall Be Your Home

  • Tonight We Ride

  • Steel Flesh Bone

  • Execution Without Trial

  • Stoned At The Acropolis

“Secrets of the Ram,” kicks things off with blazing fury, an impressive opener and one that helps set the mood. “Countess Apollyon,” is a rager, a song that delivers a kick to the guts of the listener, brimming with energy and delivering something new and refreshing. “The Golden Age of Black Magick,” works through twisting melodies and sharp nail biting riffs to twist into surreal energy to produce something fantastical. “Hell Shall Be Your Home,” moves with speed and agility, delivering a sharp knock here and there to get the juices flowing.

“Tonight We Ride,” gets its swagger on, pressing the buttons of delivery and smashing things into pieces for all to find loosely connected together. “Steel Flesh Bone,” hits hard and fast, swaying into the portion of deliverance. “Execution Without Trial,” is a heavy working machine. A song that contains some serious riffage and brings about some delight for all involved. “Stoned At The Acropolis,” brings a twist in the myth and works through the world.

The album is out now.