‘Steelbound’ by Ignited


  • Denis Lima / Vocals

  • Dalton Castro / Guitar

  • Sama Benedet / Bass

  • Mauricio Velasco / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Ignition

  • Pain

  • Steelbound

  • Living In The Dark

  • Call Me To Run

  • Times

  • Ground Pounding

  • Shining Void

  • Roaring Gears

  • Rotting

“Ignition,” comes in like a battering ram. A song that is backed by a powerful riff and some serious shreddage and really gets the blood going. The perfect start from Ignited.

“Pain,” another thunderous song. One which combines the epic riff with the terrifying vocal prowess of singer Denis Lima.

“Steelbound,” a battering ram to the face. A song that really gets the blood pumping and shows just what Ignited are about.

“Living In The Dark,” slows things down slightly and becomes even more epic because of it. A song that turns the dial forward and shifts it ever so slightly.

“Call Me To Run,” rolls through the punches. It hits the right notes and ensures that the listener knows just where to turn their gut.

“Times,” slows things down, with the acoustic taking charge for a part of the song, but when it steps it up a gear, you really know about it. With the vocals and guitars battling it out to achieve dominance.

“Ground Pounding,” another riff sandwich that really steps things up a gear.

“Shining Void,” gets contemplative and exploitative. It adds to the dramatic flair that the band has really been pushing as of late.

“Roaring Gears,” takes it back to the heavy roots of old.

“Rotting,” snarls and clacks. Demanding attention and finishing things off in style.

The album is out now.