“Asherah,” starts off with the acoustic guitars narrating a small melody, as a the bass line slowly grows. The vocals weave themselves in quite nicely, painting a serene picture, though there’s a sense there is a darkness to come. “Innocence,” brings the thunder. The riffs are heavy as, and the vocal performance shifts into overdrive on several occasions, making this some fascinating work. “A Beauty In Bloom,” goes that extra yard. Galloping through the chaos and the madness to deliver something quite infectious in terms of the headbanging range and the temperatures needed to truly get going. “Now That I Feel,” slowly works its way into being. Focusing on small changes here and there, turning the screws somewhat before allowing a whirlwind to unleash. “Enlightenment,” gets the listener going. That riff is very very infectious, and there’s a general sense that this is a song that will go down an absolute treat live. “The Sightless Poison,” takes a turn, somewhere between okay and not okay. It allows for a growing change and temperament to match.

“Yours Is Better Than Mine,” comes rolling down with the thunder. Chasing around the sights and sounds of the world, before bringing together some fascinating little edges and changes here and there. “Oblivious Coma,” takes a sharp puncture to the listener and makes the world’s ending seem quite fascinating and a relief. The music shifts on the ground and delights in turning through strange and sometimes terrifying focus points. “I Vow To Hate,” roars with energy and grace. Never one to let the challenge go, it demands to be paid attention to throughout. “Corrupted Soul,” takes a new lease on life, shifting through the tenor and then some. “We Are The Same Flesh,” throws hands and grows completely in sync with the shifting strands of the world. “HANWI,” turns the changes into something long and perfected, allowing for a grand finale.