‘Hotel Kalifornia,’ by Hollywood Undead


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Chaos,” thunders into being. Smashing the temperature and delivering a thunderous roar to get the blood going.

“Ruin My Life,” gets the ambience of a modern day classic and twists it into the stratosphere.

“Go To War,” slowly runs the gamut, a song that gets the majestic sphere through the blastoids.

“Wild In These Streets,” shimmies and turns the thunder forward. A song that builds the sensation and hits the temperature.

“Lion Eyes,” shimmers and shifts. Turning majestic chaos forward, building the sensations and delivering the goods.

“Happy When I Die,” shifts the gears and bounces. The song gets you moving and turning the turnstiles, building the sensation and getting the grooves right.

“City of The Dead,” twists the fury, bringing the majestic lense and filtering through the chaos and the insanity.

“Evil,” is a boisterous chaotic number that tilts the whirlwind forward.

“First Class Suicide,” runs the thunder. A song that builds the winter sphere.

“Break On Through,” hinders the pleasure sphere and turns into the wrecking ball of time.

The album is out on April 28th.