“Destinations,” is big and bombastic, the perfect opener. “Oblivion,” shreds its way through and growls its dominance into being. “It’s Always Dark Before The Dawn,” takes a moment to let itself settle in before it goes completely for the gullet and snaps you in half. “Through Space and Time,” is another one that ventures this way and that, to produce the most epic number yet. “I Will Be There,” takes on a tad, and ventures to another realm, shifting through and producing something unique. “The Upside Down,” is another song that produces some masterclasses.

“New Era,” is orchestral rock and roll at its best, shifting the tenure and getting the anticipation just right. “A Different Sky,” keeps things interesting and unique with some flattering phrasing and some seriously ball busting melodies. “Resurrection,” flattens the listener with its melodies and phrasing. “You Are My End and My Beginning,” takes things up another level, shifting the tenure and the precision. “Behind The Wall,” is a fitting closer.

The album is out on 12th July via Frontiers Record.s