“Travel Far,” a fast riff based opus, with a chilling vocal hook. “Fate Of The Jester,” slow and reflective. Definitely a song that brings the listener deep within the protagonist’s view point. “Down,” a riff monster, with growling and grooving in appropriate measures. “Pull of the Undertow,” snarling and snaking its way this way and that. “Shadow World,” another slower number, filled with complex rhythms and enchanting landscapes.

“Hidden,” a rocker with some snarling riffage. “Calling,” another monster of a song. “The Road I’m On,” an absolute monster, digging this way and that, bringing some interesting beats and rhythms to the fore. “Death of Her Dream,” a slower number, gradually picking up speed and aggression. “Say Farewell,” a fitting closer.

The album is out on 25th January via Rockshots Reocrds.