The American metal scream machine returns with their newest album Hate Machine.

“There Will Be Blood,” starts off with a thunderous and epic harmonising riff, that slowly builds into a crescendo. When the song truly kicks off it has a powerful riff leading the way with the vocals weaving themselves in and out of that pattern and ensuring that the listener is hooked. “Fire Starter,” takes the bull by the horns and weaves its way turning and shifting with might and power, the vocals are once more on point. “Weight Of The World,” takes charge, commanding the listener’s attention from the first bolts of melody that come shifting through, a real rager. “Oubilette,” slows things down, with a clean intro that is damned haunting, a song that veers one way and then the next, producing some seriously energetic performances. “Zero Recall,” is simply epic. It takes a turn here and there, shifting through the boundaries, and smashing walls down. “Slaves Of The Sand,” moves with energy and grace, turning the listener’s head multiple times and slowly shifting the sands of time.

“Hate Machine,” the title track of the album comes in with a harmony rager. It takes a turn twisting through the madness, bringing some fascinating little gems to light and then shifting the tone thoroughly. “Another Angel Down,” shreds. Completely and utterly. It shreds and does not let go, producing one of the best songs on the record, which is saying something considering the absolute ragers on the album. “Payback,” takes another turn here, twisting things through a slow lense, and ensuring the listener finds something to smash through. “Blood Rite,” is chaotic and powerful at the same time, all because of this stop and start rhythm it has going. “Wake The Demon,” is powerful and engrossing, taking the time to lead through the melodies, before shifting into overdrive. “Generation Kill,” takes another finisher and throws up some fascinating curveballs for the listener to digest. A fitting finisher.

The album is out on July 26th.