‘Helloween’ by Helloween


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


Helloween, the metal legends return with a brand new album, the first to feature Kai Hansen and Michael Kiske in over two decades. And boy what a return it is.

“Out For The Glory,” is suitably epic. A message of intent that creeps in and turns the darkness inside and out. Kiske’s vocals are simply superb the interplay with the guitars is phenomenal. The band start off strong.

“Fear Of The Fallen,” is a brutal follow up. A song that allows Andi Deris and Michael Kiske to exchange vocal melodies, duelling at a second a pace. Turning through and battering down the walls that the listener may have put up. What a start.

“Mass Pollution,” is a ripper. Filled with sarcastic turns, it turns through and shifts out. Deris is strong and the chorus is to die for.

“Rise Without Chains,” is a call to arms. An anthem that demands attention. The riffs on this song are fantastic, the vocals are outstanding. This is a highlight of the album for me. Helloween continue strongly.

“Indestructible,” is an anthem. A song that will get its fair share when performed live. From the instrumentation to the call and response vocals. Everything lines up perfectly to deliver something sinister and phenomenal.

“Robot King,” a thrilling tale that combines Helloween’s love for galloping melodies and soaring vocals with an intriguing story line. Deris and Kiske slam through the chorus and the verses, Hansen provides some seriously groovy backing. The guitars shred, and the listener is on a journey to neverland.

“Down In The Dumps,” is Kiske at his best. Soaring through the heights, challenging the Gods to a fight, and winning. Another song that will get far dues when performed live.

“Skyfall,” that great lead single, and a great finale. Kiske, Deris and Hansen all contribute this time around. They raise the temperature, sending chills down the listener’s arms and spine. A battering ram of a riff combines with melodic precision to take the listener to nirvana. A song that truly shows off what Helloween is about.

A fitting finale.

This absolute masterclass of an album is out on 18th June via Nuclear Blast. Do yourself a favour and get the record!