‘Making Noise, Living Fast’ by HellgardeN


  • Diego Pascuci / Vocals

  • Matheus Barreiros / Drums

  • Caick Gabriel / Guitar

  • Guilherme Biondo / Bass


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Spit On Hypocrisy

  • Evolution Or Destruction

  • Learned To Play Dirty

  • Fuck The Consequences

  • Brainwash

  • Making Noise, Living Fast

  • Believe In Yourself Or Die

  • Possessed By Noise

“Spit on Hypocrisy,”snarls into being, bringing the heaviness in like a kick to the gut. The vocals are a bitter pill, whilst the guitars rage around the listener.

“Evolution Or Destruction,” snaps and crackles with electricity, the thunder roars around it and demolishes everything in its path.

“Learned To Play Dirty,” twists like a snake around the vine. Bringing with it some subtle textures, and some not so subtle kicks to the face.

“Fuck The Consequences,” turns the screws around. Moving with a blistering sense of chaos and madness.

“Brainwash,” slams down hard.

“Making Noise, Living Fast,” the title track of the album slams in with a wrecking ball mentality.

“Believe In Yourself Or Die,” is oddly anthemic. The mentality is there, and the music is a kick in the face for doubters.

“Possessed By Noise,” takes the turn and slams in hard. Finishing the album off in style.

The album is out on 10th April.