‘The Big Bang’ by Heavy Pettin’


  • Hamie / Vocals

  • Punky Mendoza / Guitar

  • Gordon Bonnar / Guitars

  • Brian Waugh / Bass

  • Gary Moat / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Born To Burn

  • Romeo

  • Lonely People

  • This Is America

  • Looking For Love

  • Madonna On The Radio

  • Don’t Call It Love

  • Heaven Sent

  • Two Hearts

  • City Girl

  • Rock You Endlessly

“Born To Burn,” rolls through the world, changing the tide ever so slightly. It brings with it some impressive vocals, and a catchy chorus that makes the listener sing along from the get go.

“Romeo,” is a slightly different song, a bit more of an eighties pop anthem than anything else. It contains some great melodies.

“Lonely People,” gets things going quite nicely. The riffs are interchangeable, and the melodies are tight. This is quite the song.

“This Is America,” kicks off with the harmonised vocals going over the title of the song, before moving into a driving rock song.

“Looking For Love,” goes down the route of the impressive chop and change, shifting the tenor and making things quite fascinating.

“Madonna On The Radio,” is big and filled with a fascinating little rhythm section. The keys bang out a precise melody, and the whole song moves together in a classic eighties anthem.

“Don’t Call It Love,” comes in with that big drum flare. It moves into some new and impressive territory with the guitar riffs, changing through things and creating quite the spin. The vocals are once more on point, shimmering through and dancing along the ground.

“Heaven Sent,” goes big and entices the listener with that big melody that jives through and brings it all together.

“Two Hearts,” slows things down, making things more reflective and an interesting little divergence into something new and uncharted.

“City Girl,” gets slightly heavier and turns things into a slightly different world. Bringing new charms and a different complication this way and that.

“Rock You Endlessly,” finishes things off nicely with a big riff and a driving melody.

The reissue is out on 29th November via Burnt Out Wreckords via Cherry Red Records.