‘Rock Ain’t Dead’ by Heavy Pettin


  • Steve Hayman / Vocals

  • Punky Mendoza / Guitar

  • Gordon Bonnar / Guitar

  • Brian Waugh / Bass

  • Gary Moat / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Rock Ain’t Dead

  • Sole Survivor

  • China Boy

  • Lost In Love

  • Northwinds

  • Angel

  • Heart Attack

  • Dream Time

  • Walkin’ With Angels

  • Throw A Party

  • Crazy

Heavy Pettin’ Scotland’s finest rock and metal band had hit a home run with Lettin’ Loose, with Rock Ain’t Dead the follow up, they truly reached their stride. And this reissue shows why.

“Rock Ain’t Dead,” comes in big with that sliding rhythm and that riff that weaves itself through and into the listener’s very core. The vocals are once more biting and precise. They show off the skill of the band and get the listener ready.

“Sole Survivor,” is big, pounding and a mission statement. What a way to go, what a way to begin and what a way to entice the listener into diving headlong into this. Brilliantly executed.

“China Boy,” is epic in its size and scope. It weaves its way through the turnstiles, and makes the listener soon get into the swing of things. A pulsating and turning mood that delivers something quite intoxicating to the listener in the melody and the call and response.

“Lost In Love,” slows things down slightly, making this the more melancholic of songs.

“Northwinds,” growls, and turns the screws ever so slightly. It rolls the pins along and produces something quite impressive and frantic.

“Angel,” is a battering ram. That drum beat is something else entirely, the guitars weave their way into that classic jive.

“Heart Attack,” takes things into a new direction. Slowly weaving through the core of the skill, whilst rocking out to an insanely groovy riff that flatlines everything else.

“Dream Time,” a song that synthesises the core elements of the band. From the acoustic melodies to the texture of the vocals to the shredding guitar solo that really produces something magnificent.

“Walkin’ With Angels,” gets the groove going once more. Shifting the tenor and bringing that good old fashioned rock and roll back into being.

“Throw A Party,” has some AC/DC vibes, and it works massively well. The guitars twist their way into the listener’s consciousness and the vocals wrap themselves around you.

“Crazy,” is an insane song and the perfect finisher.

The reissue is out on November 29th via Burnt Out Wreckords via Cherry Red Records