‘Lettin Loose’ by Heavy Pettin


  • Hamie / Vocals

  • Punky Mendoza / Guitar

  • Gordon Bonnar / Guitar

  • Brian Waugh / Bass

  • Gary Moat / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • In And Out Of Love

  • Broken Heart

  • Love On The Run

  • Love Times Love

  • Victims Of The Night

  • Rock Me

  • Shout It Out

  • Devil In Her Eyes

  • Hell Is Beautiful

  • Roll The Dice

  • Shadows Of The Night

Heavy Pettin’ were the big thing in the early 80s, they were inspired by UFO and released an absolute belter of an album in Lettin’ Loose now it’s being reissued to bring a whole new generation of fans to the band.

“In And Out Of Love,” starts with a thud. The guitars work their way together, and ensure that the listener has got some seriously catchy melodies to hum along to. There’s movement along the way when the vocals kick in, turning the song into quite the big smash.

“Broken Heart,” slows things down, taking the big ballad through the roof and shifting the turning scope ever so slightly.

“Love On The Run,” turns into the big ol’ rocker, shifting through the gears and unleashing the furnace for all time.

“Love Times Love,” gets another rocking feeling to it. One feels as though the eighties never left. This is a testament to just how good and classic the song is. From the riffs to the melodies that weave themselves around it.

“Victims Of The Night,” gets heavier and slowly works its way through the tremor and the thunder. Slowly bringing it all together for a mighty finish.

“Rock Me,” goes hard and brings about some fascinating little changes and shifts here and there.

“Shout It Out,” gets the blood going. It moves with the times and the frequency. The song just oozes class.

“Devil In Her Eyes,” gets slightly softer on the melodies, following through with some big ol’ turns and twists for the grand ol’ time.

“Hell Is Beautiful,” is straight ahead rock and roll, from the great ol’ book of the lord.

“Roll The Dice,” gets that funky riff in early, and slowly but surely moves onto the extremes and turns it around and brings it all together for some good old fashioned rolls.

“Shadows Of The Night,” is a thundering tune that allows the listener to truly imagine the scope of the band and the grand epic that they are now being honoured with.

The reissue is out on 29th November Burnt Out Wreckords via Cherry Red Records