‘Heart Healer’ The Metal Opera by Magnus Karlsson


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Awake,” kicks off this ambitious new concept album by Magnus Karlsson. Featuring the wonderful Adrienne Cowan, the song combines powerful orchestral elements and soaring vocals and melodies to paint a picture of the world that is to emerge from the darkness. The Heart Healer begins.

“Who Can Stand All Alone,” features Annette Olzon and Adrienne Cowan and ventures into the dark recesses of the mind. Both vocalists tap into something incredibly powerful to bring their melodies together to create something intriguing and wonderful. Whilst the instrumentation compliments them beautifully.

“Into The Unknown,” takes a sharp turn, and brings something a little more sinister to the fore. Magnus Karlsson’s instrumentation here touches on the inner confusion that touches a great many people as the world veers into something terrifying.

“Evil’s Around The Corner,” sees Adrienne and Noor Louhimo do battle as they exchange vocal lines and chase the power of one another’s melodies. The song is powerful and chaotic.

“Weaker,” sees Adrienne as the Heart Healer realise that the riddle at the heart of the myth. A song that captures the right emotions and pulls at the listener’s heart strings.

“This Is Not The End,” is a powerful finisher. It combines all the elements of previous songs and turns them into a world of power and surrealism.

The album is out on 12th March via Frontiers Music.