‘Flashback’ by Haunt


  • Trevor William Church / Vocals, Guitar and Bass

  • Daniel Wilson / Drums

  • John Tucker / Guitar

  • Taylor Hollman / Bass


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Flashback

  • Winter’s Breath

  • Electrified

  • One With The Universe

  • Spend A Fortune

  • Figure In A Painting

  • Sweet Embrace

  • The Great Beyond

“Flashback,” is an absolute ripper of an opener, it gets the blood pumping and hooks the listener from the get go. It feeds in nicely to “Winter’s Breath,” which is a haunting sonnet that truly rips into being and delivers something magical. The guitars have truly stood out in these first two songs.

What follows is a vocal orgy that truly shows off the band’s talents.

Songs such as “Electrified,” not only swagger they also groove, with the vocals getting their fair hearing. Then you’ve got “One With The Universe,” bringing some seriously groovy vibes to proceedings and allowing vocalist Trevor William Church to venture into new ranges.

Finishing up with “Sweet Embrace,” and “The Great Beyond,” was the right call. So much opportunity, texture and dynamism are present within these songs that it seems criminal not to have them put on the band’s setlist.

Do yourself and get this album when it is released on 30th October.