‘Warrior In The Night’ by Harmonize


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Warriors In Line,” is a thumping opener. A song that clearly sets the goals and brings about the turning of the screw.

“Never Back Down,” adds grit and power to the fore. Sneaking through the twisting vines of time. Slashing the wraparound and gaining ground. The riffs are headbang worthy, and the vocal lines are simply perfect.

“Warrior In The Night,”  is  slow build. A song that shifts through the temperature, gaining ground and twisting through the turnaround. A song that leverages patience and feeling to create a groundswell in chaos. When it quickens and the vocals come through, the band truly shine through.

“The Astonishing End,” twists and turns. Revelling in the free-fall, twisting the mark of the world. Thrilling and trilling in equal measure, burnishing credentials that twist the world for all.

“Crawling Among Shadows,” is a snarling monster of a song that truly gets to the heart of the matter.

The album is out now, buy it here