“A Place To Call Home,” starts things off immediately with a thumping riff. It then leads into a barrage of soaring melodies and brutal riffage that leads the listener into the time of their lives. “Take A Chance,” continues this cycle with some impeccable riffage that veers one way and another, the call and response vocal is simply intoxicating. “Helio’s Sun,” another thunderous rocker that takes the cake and smashes through boundaries as though they’re nothing. “Page Of Your Life,” veers one way and then another, taking turns to shift the rope and bring about something new and interesting. “Out Of Time,” creeps and crops and brings about some massive edge. “Hold Onto Right,” thunders and delivers something seriously gnarly.

“Handful of Sand,” gallops and roars with the appropriate rage lengths, bringing some new life into proceedings. “This Love,” is haunting and slow moving, bringing about some fascinating twists and turns. “Story of My Life,” rocks out, with a shredding guitar lead and some absolutely insane vocal melodies. “Who Wants To Live Forever,” the chilling and hauntingly beautiful cover of the Queen classic allows the vocals to truly shine through and build something truly beautiful within the ears of the listener. “Chameleon,” is slow bluesy moving rocker. “My Friend,” a nice little closer with that beautifully arranged acoustic guitar melody shifting within and without.

The album is out on 26th April via Frontiers Music.