‘Life Live’ by Hardline


  • Johnny Gioeli / Vocals

  • Mario Percudani / Guitar

  • Alessandro Del Vecchio / Keyboards

  • Ann Portalupi / Bass

  • Marco Di Salvia / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Place To Call Home

  • Takin’ Me Down

  • Dr Love

  • Where Will We Go From Here

  • Page Of Your Life

  • Life’s A Bitch

  • In The Hands Of Time

  • Take You Home

  • Everything

  • Hot Cherie

  • Fever Dreams

  • Rhythm From A Red Car

“Place To Call Home,” kicks things off magnificently. As the band continue on their merry way you can tell that they are a well oiled machine that is working into overtime.

“Takin’ Me Down,” is filled with energy and grace, swaggering all around the place.

“Dr Love,” is a rager, a hell raiser and a party chaser all wrapped into one.

“Where Will We Go From Here,” snaps and crackles around the base, turning things into a powerful basin that snakes through the changes of the world.

“Page of Your Life,” is reflective and energetic, pushing boundaries beyond all else.

“Life’s A Bitch,” sarcastic, swaggering and filled with life. The right combination to take it all.

“In The Hands Of Time,” is epic, simply put. It brings the crowd to life, and it ensures that the listener is filled with passion and energy.

“Take You Home,” is an epic ballad, that shines through the dogma and truly lets the vocals shine through.

“Everything,” another song that pushes the limits and drives into being the sense of fulfilment.

“Hot Cherie,” works itself into epic status, the synths slowly filter through and the guitars really work into overtime.

“Fever Dreams,” is big and bold, filled with passion and grace.

“Rhythm from A Red Car,” is the great finisher for this album and a real rocker.

The album is out on 14th February via Frontiers Music.