‘Live!Against The World’ by Hammerfall


  • Joacim Cans / Vocals

  • Oscar Dronjak / Guitar

  • Pontus Norgren / Guitar

  • Fredrik Larsson / Bass

  • David Wallin / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Never Forgive, Never Forget

  • One Against The World

  • Heeding The Call

  • The Way Of The Warrior

  • Any Means Necessary

  • Hallowed Be My Name

  • Blood Bound

  • Redemption

  • Hector’s Hymn

  • Natural High

  • Second To One

  • Renegade Medley

  • Keep The Flame Burning

  • Dominion

  • The Dragon Lies Bleeding

  • Last Man Standing

  • Let The Hammer Fall

  • Hammer High

  • (We Make) Sweden Rock

  • Hearts On Fire

Hammerfall tide us over in lockdown/pandemic reduced live shows with a new live album that captures the spirit of the band and shows just what they have to offer.

“Never Forgive, Never Forget,” is a sterling opener. Filled with energy, passion and drive. It soars on the air and delivers something else entirely for the listeners to truly embrace. As it feeds into “One Against The World,” the listener knows that they’re onto something special here. That is confirmed by “Heeding The Call,” a song that soars and bounds through the openings provided to it and delivers an emphatic punch.

“Hallowed Be My Name,” is electric. The band are on fire, the crowd are burning with energy. Everything hits just right and you can tell that the band and the audience have hit the right sweet spot. “Blood Bound,” is anthemic. The crowd really gives it their all on the song. “Redemption,” is bone crunching and spine tingling, it soars through the tides of the world, shimmering upon the edges of insanity before clawing back the grace and favour of the world.

Then comes the hammer of the heart in “Let The Hammer Fall,” “Hammer High,” and “We Make Sweden Rock.” all songs that show just how on form the band are and how much of a amazing live act they are.

Grab this slice of awesomeness when it is released on 23rd October via Napalm Records.