Hammer King


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Awaken The Thunder,” roars through the speakers. A song that immediately gets the listener going. It rips into the beating heart of the listener and the band, turning through and turning hard. A great start.

“Onward To Victory,” gallops through, turning on the charm and slashing the debris of time and space for all to see.

“Atlantis,” is epic. Simply put it combines turning severance and melodic gambits to produce something simply beautiful. A song that really hits the nerves.

“Into The Storm,” turns through, hitting its stride and rampaging through the debris.

“In The Name of the Hammer,” runs through the gamut. Galloping with pace and might, shifting the tenor and hitting a sense of patience and crucial crucible.

“King of Kings,” hits a new one. Finishing with an epic flourish through the seismic shift.

The album is out on 11th June via Napalm Records.