‘Quantum Leap’ by Gus G


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Into The Unknown,” moves with rapidity and energy. Swirling through and taking the listener by the scruff of the neck.

“Quantum Leap,” shreds and turns. A song that twists through, hinting at something more to come whilst delivering a shimmering force.

“Enigma of Life,” slows things down, allowing for some shred, and for some contemplation. A song that relies on emotion and melody.

“Fierce,” slams down. A song that really batters through the twisting storms of time.

“Night Driver,” goes all in and turns through the melodical force of power.

“Force Majeure,” shimmers and shifts. A song that wraps the whirlwind around itself for the good.

The second C.D. features some highlights of live performances.

Classics include:

“Cold Sweat,” that smashes down doors and turns the wind inside out.

“Money For Nothing,” that shifts and turns, whirling through the cataclysm.


The album is out on October 8th.