‘Keepers Of The Flame’ by Greyhawk


  • Rev Taylor / Vocals

  • Jesse Berlin / Guitar

  • Enrico Marriuzzo / Guitar

  • Darin Wall / Bass

  • Nate Butler / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Gates Of Time

  • Frozen Star

  • Drop The Hammer

  • Halls of Insanity

  • The Rising Sign

  • R.X.R.O

  • Don’t Wait For The Wizard

  • Black Peak

  • Masters Of The Sky

  • Ophidian Throne

  • Keepers Of The Flame

“Gates Of Time,”the imperious opening by Greyhawk, mixes sci-fi with ancient influences.

“Frozen Star,” works the melody and the riff into overdrive. It gets the blood pumping and the vocals get the heart racing. Everything is kept together through a fantastical theme. A brilliant opener.

“Drop The Hammer,” ups the ante considerably. It turns into an all out mosh, with the riffs hammering home and driving the point with the biting vocal lines.

“Halls Of Insanity,” mixes things up ever so slightly. It produces a fascinating riff that embraces the stop one-two of old.

“The Rising Sun,” allows vocalist Rev Taylor to really show off his pipes, and boy does he seize the opportunity with both hands. Showing of his talents with considerable aplomb.

“R.X.R.O.” is a shred fest. A song that enables the arpeggios to get going and to breathe new life in at the halfway point.

“Don’t Wait For The Wizard,” cuts loose and releases all hell upon the plains of the mind. A song quite unlike any other and one that really gets the blood pumping.

“Black Peak,” shifts the tempo slightly. Drawing on the myriad mystical and theatrical influences that clearly have a place in the band’s heart. It ensures the listener is taken on a journey.

“Masters Of The Sky,” kicks arse and takes names.

“Ophidian Throne,” works its butt off to produce something memorable, and succeeds completely.

“Keepers Of The Flame,” the title track is a fitting finisher. A song that is as epic as this deserves to be played loud and proud.

The album is out on 17th June.