‘Fields Of Blood’ by Grave Digger


  • Chris Boltendahl¬†/ Vocals

  • Axel Ritt / Guitar

  • Jens Becker / Bass

  • Marcus Kniep / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • The Clansman’s Journey

  • All For The Kingdom

  • Lions Of The Sea

  • Freedom

  • The Heart Of Scotland

  • Thousand Tears

  • Union Of The Crown

  • My Final Fight

  • Gathering Of The Clans

  • Barbarian

  • Fields Of Blood

  • Requiem For The Fallen

“The Clansman’s Journey,”is all bagpipes and epicness to open up this new Grave Digger album. A rapturous start.

“All For The Kingdom,” comes in like a sledgehammer. A song that batters at the restraints with a serious riff. Grave Digger are in full flow from the beginning right to the very end.

“Lions Of The Sea,” a song that tells the tale of the islanders, an anthem for those with the desire for more.

“Freedom,” moves on tenderhooks. The guitars shift and surge, bringing to life the subtler elements of the world. A real call to arms and defiant statement.

“The Heart Of Scotland,” is a battering ram. A song that ensures the listener is captivated from the first. The bagpipes are a fantastic touch, whilst the guitars add an epic element to proceedings. This is perhaps one of the finest songs Grave Digger has ever produced.

“Thousand Tears,” tells the story of Mary Queen of Scots, it adds depth, melody and emotion to a story that has long been imagined and retold. It brings to life a memory of the woman who once reigned over the nation.

“Union Of The Crown,” tells the tale of the union of the Crowns. It narrates the complexities therein, and does so from the vantage point of a ripping riff and a snarling vocal melody.

“My Final Fight,” swaggers through. That riff is simply addictive. Brilliantly done by Grave Digger.

“Gathering Of The Clans,” is a ripper. A real ripper, a song that breeds enthusiasm and energy from the get go. The riffs in this song are like two jackhammers going off at once.

“Barbarian,” another riff monster. The song is played on the back of a monstrous riff. Several in fact. Indeed, it seems as though Grave Digger are channelling the power of the old world for this song.

“Fields Of Blood,” the title track of the record, ventures into the dark and mysterious. It turns from soothing and plentiful to a rocking, raging machine that breathes completely new life into proceedings.

“Requiem For The Fallen,” finishes off proceedings with a slow burner. A song that brings together differing elements of the Grave Digger opus and mixes them together for the crescendo.

This beauty of an album is out on 29th May via Napalm Records.