‘Symbol Of Eternity’ by Grave Digger


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“The Siege of Akkon,” sets the tone. A song that combines extravagance with bombast to really get the excitement going.

“Battle Cry,” follows hot on the heels and thunders through. A song that rips into the old rulebook and turns things into a great twisting mass of time and explosion.

“King of Kings,” rips through everything. A song that thrashes and turns, building on the edge, growling within insanity and deploying for all to see. A whirlwind of tide and place.

“Symbol of Eternity,” is powerful and epic. A song that immediately connects with the whirlwind of time. Breathing life into the growing winds of a changing melee.

“Nights of Jerusalem,” thunders through. Bringing the pressure and the whirlwind, hurling through the cascading winds of time.

“Grace of God,” is epic and thoughtful. Pursuing a gentling of the tidelands.

“Holy Warfare,” is a blistering assault on the changes of the whirlwind.

“Hellas, Hellas,” rocks out hard.

The album is out on 26th August via ROAR.