“Eyes Of The World,” starts things off boldly. “California Air,” is a shredder that gets the crowd going. “S.O.S” is another dramatic flourish. “Night Games,” is a startlingly anthemic number. “Stand In Line,” turns and twists with a shift through the lines. “Into The Night,” is big and epic. “Love’s No Friend,” is a shredder which jams well. “Dancer,” is bombastic and huge.

“Samurai,” is another number that produces some fascinating results. “Desert Song,” is slow and thoughtful, with a growing twist and take. “Rider,” is another thumping number. “Since You’ve Been Gone,” is a shredder that goes all the way. “Assault Attack,” is a rocker and a riffer all in one. “All Night Long,” keeps the flame alive. “Lost In Hollywood,” takes a twist and a turn. “The Crying Chair,” shifts through.

The album is out on 12th July via Frontiers Records.