‘Poison Thorn’ by Godsnake


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Urge To Kill

  • Poison Thorn

  • Sound Of The Broken

  • We Disagree

  • Stone The Crow

  • Darkness

  • You Gotta Pay

  • Blood Brotherhood

  • Hellbound Ride

  • This Is The End

“Urge to Kill,”and “Poison Thorn,” kick proceedings off, hitting the listener with a solid clump of metal to the face. Both songs contain some serious riffage that dances down the tracks and slams hard, bringing with it a sense of insanity.

What follows is some serious groove in the form of “Sound of the Broken,” “We Disagree,” and “Stone The Crow,” all songs which hit a new level and take the listener to a completely new plain.

Then comes the final flourish in songs such as “You Gotta Pay,” “Blood Brotherhood,” and “This Is The End,” all songs which hammer home the point about needing a good riff to carry through, whilst also displaying some serious technicality.

An incredible album that is out on 23rd October.