Gloryhammer are hitting the road fresh from their newest album. The band who sing about hammers, unicorns and robots, bring two other great bands with them in Beast in Black and Wind Rose, and boy does it promise to be a hell of a show.

First up are Wind Rose. A band who are riding high from the release of their newest album Wintersaga, and also from becoming an internet sensation with their cover of Minecraft gem “Diggy Diggy Hole,” started things off quite nicely. There was an energy in their performance that translated well into the audience, as things got going, you could see just how much fun the band were having, alongside the audience. Stand outs included opener and this reviewer’s personal favourite by Wind Rose “Wintersaga,” and of course “Diggy Diggy Hole,” followed by “To Erebor,” as things went they were a strong opening act, and deserved more time.

Next up were Beast in Black. The band picked up where Wind Rose had left up. They really let rip, producing hit after hit. There was some serious energy in the crowd as the band moved through their set. Particular stand outs included “Beast In Black,” and “Die By The Blade,” the audience really got into the swing of things, and there was a big sing along with “Sweet True Lies,” truly the opening acts on this show were phenomenal, other established metal bands could learn a thing or two from this. Beast In Black continued to smash down the doors and any bystanders who weren’t convinced, were soon singing along and headbanging with the rest of the audience, as it should be.

And now for the final act of the night. The crowd’s ranks swelled as the anticipation built. Starting off with a nice little serenading from Tom Jones, the lights dimmed, the orchestra kicked in and then stopped. The warriors walked onto the stage and off we went. The band were on fire throughout, the riffs were tasty, the vocals soared and the drums pounded the shit out of the listener’s ears.

You could tell just how into it the band were by the way they smiled and the way they moved on stage, swinging from peak to peak and then some. Some real standouts included “Angus McFife,” and “Gloryhammer,” both of which had the crowd screaming along. Then there was “The Land of Unicorns,” which fed seamlessly into “Questlords of Inverness,” which saw a member of the crowd, crowd surfing to the bar to get a beer for the bassist of the band.

Gloryhammer continued delivering from then on in, the crowd lapped up every song with eager energy, and the singalongs were fantastic. There’s something about Gloryhammer’s music that just encourages sing alongs and fist pumping. Even the old fogies who weren’t quite into it at the beginning were singing along and smiling by the end, and that’s when you know you’ve done good.

If you get the chance, go and see this tour, you won’t regret it!