“Into The Terrovortex,” starts off this ambitious and swaggering thing with so much pomp. “The Siege of Dunkeld,” moves with a growling riff and a vocal performance to rival the best. “Masters Of The Galaxy,” take their turn up to ten and ensure the listener is hooked from the get go, snaking through the ground and around the plains. “The Land Of Unicorns,” snakes through dancing the plains and ensuring the listener is completely hooked. “Power Of The Laser Dragon,” shreds, completely shreds.

“Legendary Enchanted Jetpack,” is bombastic and a snaking masterpiece. “Gloryhammer,” a fucking perfect drinking song that mixes together everything that is pure and downright awesome. “Hootsforce,” is epic and bombastic and simply insane. “Battle For Eternity,” keeps it fresh, snaking itself into being with bombastic measurements. “The Fires Of The Ancient Cosmic,” take their turn to chant and burn.

The album is out on 31st May via Napalm Records.