‘Return To Power’ by George Tsalikis


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Live To Ride,” kicks off proceedings with a thunderous one-two, it soon moves into anthemic territory. A song that really gets the heart racing and pushing the listener toward something close to completion.

“Dehumanized,” saunters through the whirring of time. It smacks with energy and grace, pushing the world toward a forbidden future.

“Together We Rise,” snarls like a beast on fire. It twists and turns, pressing into the gaps of time with every single step. A whirlwind of time unleashes a curtain call that really hooks the listener in.

“In Memory,” brings the melody and the contentment through. It subtly kicks things into gear, and allows the vocals to shine through. A song that will surely become a hit when live shows return.

“Master Of The Sky,” hits hard and breathes life into something new and refreshing.

“The Dragon Has Fallen,” is bombastic and powerful. Whipping up the crowd and delivering something simply anthemic.

The album is out on March 26th.