‘The Eagle Will Rise,’ by Generation Steel


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“The Eagle Will Rise,” is heavy and thunderous. A song that sets the tone for what is to follow and delights in twisting the listener’s ear. “Invoke The Machine,” gets its rocks off with a subtle inflection here, and a pressing divergence there. A song that shows off the band’s teutonic credentials. “Generation Steel,” is a real riff sandwich. A song that melds together the firm and brings in some serious groove and charm, pressing the listener toward completion. “Warbringer,” hits hard and fast.

“On My Way,” is a thunderous blitz through the turns of time and space. History is written on its melodies. “The Wayward One,” works the claws into being and develops some seriously thunderous rage. “Heaven’s Calling,” delves into epic territory, pushing the boundaries of time and space, working the straps of the world and ensuring the world grows within and without. “Alive,” is the thunderous ending to the procession. A great way to end.

The album is out on January 22nd.