“From Western Shores,” by Gatekeeper


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“From Western Shores,” is a fantastic opening track. Suitably epic and divine, a song that creates waves within the listener’s mind and drives the point home. A call to arms.

“Shadow and Stone,” is suitably epic. A thunderous song that drives the element forward. The vocals soar and burn with desire and energy. A song that never lets the whirlwind down.

“Nomads,” creeps along with a driving riff, turning through the battleground with a tempting line of sight. Burning with desire and chaos.

“Desert Winds,” is simply epic. A song that soars and powers through, driving the momentum forward.

“Keepers Of The Gate,” hits the turn and burnishes its credentials with a majestic turn and a swashbuckling edge of the world.

The album is out on 24th March via Cruz Del Sur Music.