‘Decades’ by Gary Hughes


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Wrecking Machine,” kicks off Gary Hughes new compilation¬†Decades is a serious nod to the man’s influences. It is hard hitting, melodic and powerful. It swishes from within the temperance of time and produces something seriously addictive.

“In Your Eyes,” gets the big and bombastic turn going. The melodies flit from within and without, pressing through the cataclysmic sense of distortion. Hughes’ vocals are on fire throughout.

“Dragon Island Cathedral,” switches the turn up. Bringing some intriguing melodies and turns to the fore. It slashes the groundworks and levels the playing field ever so slightly.

“This Thing of Beauty,” is slow moving and a charmer. The song works its way through a swirling tundras of time and brings about an intriguing deposit within the system. A song that really captures the versatility of Gary Hughes.

“Look At The Rain,” takes a turn and a half. It mixes together an assortment of musical types to bring forth an intriguing plethora of choices.

“We Walk With Angels,” hits an intriguing measurement. It pushes forth and then turns through and brings out a new scope of time.

“The Everlasting Light,” slows things down a little. It brings about room to breathe, to grow and then to unleash carnage.

“Blonde Angel ’93,” is an epic monster of a song.

“Give My Love A Try,” swirls around in the cacophony of time, bringing together an intriguing mix of possibilities.

“Divided We Fall,” reaches into the rocker territory from which Hughes has dipped into before, and produces something magical and mystical.

“Wide Awake In Dreamland,” hits a new pulse. It delivers something suspicious and charming at the same time, working from a platform of sanity and insanity.

“Lies,” hits the right note and presses things into the darkness of time.

“Be My Fantasy Tonight,” wraps the whirlpool in chaos and time. Slashing through the dormitories of the world.

“Synchronicity,” delivers a punishing schedule to the listener’s mind and wraps them into a cacophony of turns and chances. Building through the whirlpool of the world.

The album is out on 12th March via Frontiers Music.