‘Rise Of The Underdogs,’ by Full House Brew Crew


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Fake,” is organic and fantastic. A song that shimmers through the boundaries of time and space, shifting the melodies and hinting at the chaos deeper within the world.

“Flaws Of Guilt,” slams down like a furnace, tearing into the majestic spheres of time and place. Shifting the doldrums.

“Voice of Doubt,” breathes into the territory of time. A song that transcends the echo of chaos.

“Rise Of The Underdogs,” is anthemic and powerful, a song to call the bearing to arms.

“Leaving Home,” is phenomenal. A closing song that brings the anthem of the past, present and future to the fore with a pounding riff driving the element home.

Simply superb, the album is out on 10th May via ROAR.