‘From Insanity’s Ruin’ by Past The Fall


  • Thomas Cope | Vocals

  • Will Wright | Bass & Vocals | 

  • Sam Mclean | Drums |


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Into The Ruins
  • Drainer
  • Epitaph
  • Poison Mirror
  • Seldom Reason
  • Above the Negative
  • Full Circle

  • Maurice

  • Beholden

  • Through Insanity’s Ruin

Release Date

October 16th, 2019

“Into The Ruins,”the acoustic texture of the song really sings into the listener’s ears, the added string instrumentation brings things together allowing for a slight change and a dint here and there.

“Drainer,” gets heavy right away, snarling through the breaks and stops. Distorted riffs add together the measurements of the roaring chaos. Vocals gutturally snarl their command and the listener snaps to attention.

“Epitaph,” breaks the chain of command. Coming in off the fifth and allowing the listener to turn and twist slowly bringing down the screws of the world.

“Poison Mirror,” gets heavier with time, slowly bringing together the edge and allowing complete madness to be hinted at.

“Seldom Reason,” is chilling, allowing the listener to get the full depth of the musical ability of the band. As the song progresses, the multi layered nature of the song continues to grow and impress.


“Above the Negative,” roars into being. That riff is one of juiciest riffs to have been played all year. The vocals are a monstrous concoction, taking things through to their natural limits.

“Full Circle,” provides some fascinating little twists and turns, bringing together an element of risk and tension.

“Maurice,” growls through, a twisted symphony that brings the elements of the world together, slowly shifting the shape into one world and then the next.

“Beholden,” a riff snake. Shimmering through and then pounding the listener into oblivion.

“Through Insanity’s Ruin,” takes a turn here and there, allowing for growth and then diverting through the passageways.


The album is out on 15th November.