‘A Universe From Nothing’ by Freddy And The Phantoms


  • Frederik “Freddy” Schnoor / Vocals and Guitar

  • Anders Haahr / Keyboards

  • Mads Wilken / Bass

  • Rune René Hansen / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • First Blood Universe

  • River Of Hate

  • Lilith’s Nightmare

  • Bermuda Blues

  • Andromeda

  • Andromeda Pt 2

  • Loners On The Run

  • The 11th Guest

  • Hunger

  • Freedom Is A Prison

  • Inferno

Freddy And The Phantoms deliver a seismic dose of classic metal on their new album A Universe From Nothing.

“First Blood Universe,” the opening track on this record is a riff sandwich and a melody sandwich. There is so much melody and heart crammed into this song that it’s a crime it hasn’t gotten more recognition or even a Grammy.

“River Of Hate,” goes in hard on the riff territory. Slowly moving into overdrive with the keys floating their powerful rhythm to drive the song into a whole new level. Brilliantly executed from start to finish.

“Lilith’s Nightmare,” stalks the crowd and haunts every facet of the listener. The organ and the guitars work together to craft the perfect instrumental background whilst the vocals soar over it all dominating the perspective.

“Bermuda Blues,” is heavy on the riffs and dominating in scope and personality. There are strong elements of Deep Purple in this song, and a strong sense that the listener is being taken to the mystical world of the Bermuda triangle for all eternity.

“Andromeda Parts 1 and 2,” are the ultimate discovery. Slowly melding things together and delivering a healthy dose of shred and blues to keep everything going like a well oiled machine. It’s ultimately perfect.

“Loners On The Run,” takes a much heavier guitar influence whilst still keeping the keys involved. The song truly turns on its head and produces something quite magical and fantastical as it progresses.

“The 11th Guest,” rocks out hard. Jamming through everything with the keys and guitars doing battle for dominance.

“Hunger,” is big on the riff. Leading the charge is that mighty soaring beast that takes command and continues to dominate well after a normal person would have let it fade into the background.

“Freedom Is A Prison,” swaggers through, completely charmed by its surroundings and completely charming everything else that goes on around it.

“Inferno,” rolls in hard and fast. Delivering a seismic punch to the gut.

The album is out on 24th April via Mighty Music.